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Welcome to, my Bible prophecy website. I will be uploading here new co prophecies and current event updates which are not readily presentable on my thirdeaglebooks YouTube channel. Also, I will be adding biographical information on the "about me" page which I believe you will find interesting. Be sure to bookmark this website because it is a work in progress and if you check back frequently, you will find new information added regularly. Bible prophecy is unfolding so rapidly in these end times that posting a new video to YouTube is a fairly long process, from shooting the footage, to editing the message, to creating the movie and finally uploading the final product, all of which is very time consuming. It will be much easier for me to keep current on this page.


Happy browsing!


God reveals the future not to scare us but to prepare us

Gift of Discerning Valid Eucharists


For all those persons who do not have the gift of discerning whether the Eucharist is valid in a particular parish, the time is now to start praying to Jesus to ask Him for the gift of discernment. You need to determine whether the Eucharist is valid in any one parish before receiving Communion. Please pray silently; do not speak this prayer out loud for the evil one will hear it and may give you a false answer. In other words, Jesus is asking us to pray for this gift and He will give it to us so we can discern, as the days come bringing confusion to us, whether or not we are in a church where the Mass is valid and the Eucharist is truly consecrated.

Letter to Bishops

Letter to Priests

Priests' Message

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