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Psy - End of Antichrist in "Dream of Goose"



Many people ask on my YouTube channel: "Why do Catholics worship statues of Mary and the Saints?". They ask this because many people do not know what an actual idol is. They have been fooled by Satan into attacking the good and holy images of the Catholic Church as if they were idols, but there are important distinctions between holy images and false idols, which are as follows.


Catholic images, such as Mary and Joseph are reminding us of Christ and God, and are all pointing to His qualities and goodness. The saints are God's family and we respect and treat them as such. These "family members" are not taking the glory away from Almighty God, but rather reminding us of His greatness.  Catholics don't bow down to the saints, but rather pray to the saints in order to magnify God. When Catholics say the Rosary, and pray to the saints, it is God who will get the glory in the end, and no-one else. 


In direct contrast, pagan idols have all different purposes behind them, and no glory is ever given to God Almighty, but to each individual idol themselves: e.g. Diana, the goddess of the Ephesians was the goddess of hunting and fertility, so the people would rely on her for these things, and praise her when they received them.  Zeus, Diana's father, was the god of war, thunder and justice. So if the people wanted those things, they would pray to Zeus, and he would get the glory.  Therefore, idol worship was like shopping for different items, then paying money or homage to the different entities.


All Christian peoples of the world were originally converted from paganism by the Catholic Church. However, over time, some of them were fooled by Satan into believing that Catholic images of Saints, of Mary and Joseph are idols, and they adopted Protestantism, in other words, they "protest". They had forgotten the evil character of the idols which their pagan ancestors actually worshipped.


Images of Saints and Mary are necessary to remind us of who it is that intercedes for us with Jesus, much like photos of our family or friends on our mantles or in our wallets. We Catholics do not worship such images as idols. Often, we Catholics ask Mary and the Saints to pray for us just as we may ask family or friends or our Pastor to pray for us. Incense and prayers of the Saints are very important in these end times; read Revelation 8:3.


The entire "chain of command" in defeating Satan in these end times is very well expressed in the Book of Esther where the Jews (end times Christians) appeal to Mordecai (last pope) who appeals to Esther (Mary) who appeals to King Ahasuerus (Jesus) who hangs Haman (Antichrist) and his 10 sons (10 kings of the Antichrist) on a 50 cubit high gibbet (Mary's Rosary) with a hangman's noose (Mary's Scapular). Mary's Rosary and Scapular are the two weapons we must learn to use in this final battle with Satan and his Antichrist.


The following quote is from Wikipedia. Retrieved July 13, 2015, from



“The Israelites used various images in connection with their worship, including carved cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant (Exodus 25:18-22), which God instructed Moses to make, and the embroidered figures of cherubim on the curtain which separated the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle tent (Exodus 26:31). Similarly, the 'brass serpent', which God commanded Moses to make and lift high to cure any Israelites who looked at it of snakebites, is God-ordained use of an image."


We should only give praise and worship to the one and only true God Almighty and we show respect to the saints, who have gone before us.  I urge everyone to keep and honor crucifixes and holy images and statues of Mary and the Saints in their homes.



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William Tapley, Third Eagle of the Apocalypse.

Jesus said, 'I am the good shepherd, I know my sheep and mine know me.'

John 10:14