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Daniel Unsealed

Chapter 11   1 - 45

Reading instructions for Daniel 11


Of all the chapters which Daniel sealed up at the direction of an angel, his chapter 11 is the most elaborate and fascinating, at least to the mind of this co prophet. The whole purpose of the many verses in chapter 11 is to hide the fact that in these end times, Barack Obama, the President of the United States, will be defeated by Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, as described in verse 40. In order to seal up this amazing prophecy Daniel uses 45 verses to describe 18 different kings. Since practically all these verses have nothing to do directly with Obama or Putin, you really must use your detective skills to ferret out the secret truth.


Here's how Daniel hides his prophecy: in the first 4 verses he describes 6 ancient kings from Darius the Mede to Alexander the Great. We know from history who these prominent kings were. However, we do not understand the significance of this 4 and 6 numerology until we examine the last 15 verses of the chapter which Daniel separates into a 555 verse sequence. He accomplishes this by listing 4 items in the center verses of each of those 5 verse groupings. In verses 33, 38 and 43 he lists 4 objects. By doing so, the prophet sets up two more sequences: a verse sequence of 555 and an object sequence of 444.

Now we can return and understand the 4 verses at the beginning of the chapter where Daniel describes those 6 ancient kings. The 555 pattern discovered in the last 15 verses tells us that we need to look for verse and object patterns in 444 and 666 sequences in addition to the established 555 pattern. Thus, the first 4 verses must be followed by 2 more sets of 4 verses each. Now that we have divided the first 12 verses into a 444 sequence and since the last 15 verses are already in a 555 sequence, it is only logical to apply the same methodology to the middle 18 verses and separate them into a 666 sequence. Thus, numerological speaking, 444 is followed by 666 which is followed by 555.


But what is the meaning of Daniel's hidden verse structure? The sealed up prophecy is the same as that found in all the other vision chapters of Daniel: 666, the antichrist, will be succeeded and defeated by 555, which signifies Mary's rosary. In addition, the first 444 verses followed by 666 verses indicates that Barack Obama (444) will be followed and defeated by the forces of the Antichrist (666). Since both Obama and Putin are loyal sons of the Antichrist, who will defeat the other?


A second sequence of objects, in this case persons, is begun with Daniel's listing of those first 6 ancient kings. In verses 5-35, the prophet describes 10 more ancient kings; 5 are denoted as kings of the north and 5 as kings of the south. Daniel's tremendous gifts as a prophet are fully in effect here since the few clues he leaves are enough so that most Bible scholars can agree as to the identities of these 10 future kings. However, since we know Daniel is setting up sequences of 444, 555 and 666, there must be a 6th king of the north and a 6th king of the south to go along with the first 6 ancient kings.


This is the pattern which all previous Bible scholars have failed to detect. In verse 36, Daniel is not continuing to describe the 5th king of the north, Antiochus Epiphanes, but rather an entirely new personage, the 6th and final king of the north, Vladimir Putin; and in verse 40 he describes an entirely new king of the south, Barack Obama. Even though Daniel never indicates that he is introducing new kings at that juncture, we should not be surprised since he has often done the same when introducing previous new kings of the north and south. This is one of the ways Daniel sealed up his prophecy. You can only determine, throughout chapter 11, when the great prophet describes a new individual, by that king's actions and tributes, but not by name.


The characteristics of the 6th king of the north in verse 40, do not match Antiochus Epiphanes nearly as well as Vladimir Putin. Also, the previous verse, number 35, ends with the words "another time". That means the "end times". Furthermore, since compass directions in the Bible are always taken from Jerusalem, we know this last KON is likely Putin because Moscow is due north of Jerusalem.


Similarly, Kenya, which is where Obama's forebears came from, and where he was very likely born, is due south of Jerusalem. That's why I believe that Putin and Obama are the last two kings; they are the leaders of the world's two most prominent empires in our own time, just as the 5 previous kings of the north and south in this chapter were leaders of the world's most prominent empires in ancient times.


In conclusion, Daniel 11 is somewhat like a long and elaborate joke that leads up to a short but funny punch line. In this case, the punch line is about our American President losing World War 3 and unfortunately, the joke is on us!

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